Mocha Coffee | Mixture Of Espresso, Milk and Chocolate

Mocha is located in the port of Moka, Yemen, one of the most important coffee trade centers in the old days. Moka matari coffee, which is sold at this port and resembles a unique chocolate flavor, is very popular and chocolate has been started to be used in the kahves prepared with cores of different kinds in order to obtain the aroma of this cup. Mocha, a chocolate-flavored coffee made with different types of cores, has emerged even though it is not done with real Moka coffee.

Like mocha in latte, cappucino and macchiato, coffee is a kind of espresso coffee. In order to prepare Mocha, it is first necessary to prepare espresso. Double shot, espresso is prepared for mocha, which is usually served with large glasses of 300 ml. Chocolate is added to the espresso taken in a glass at different rates and dispfferent types. Coffee shops usually use 24 grams of chocolate when making mocha. However, this ratio may vary according to the preference of the customer. In the last stage of Mocha, creamed milk is added with foam, so that it will completely fill the glass of chocolate and coffee mixture.

The characteristic feature of mocha kahvesin is determined by the chocolate used. Drop chocolate, overture chocolate, chocolate syrup and chocolate dust can be used to obtain Mochada chocolate flavor. However, since they are chocolate solids such as couverture and drop, they must first be melted for mocha making. This makes coffee making more difficult. For this reason, the chocolate used in mocha making is in the form of powder chocolate or chocolate syrup, making coffee making very easy.

Mocha can be added cream cream or milk cream as desired. To add visual appeal to the presentation, the milk cream added to Mocha can be decorated with grated chocolate, chocolate powder or chocolate sauce. Extra sugar is not added to Mocha because it is a soft and sweet species. Mocha goes with the best bitter chocolate, apple cinnamon cake and chessecake.

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