Making Coffee With Dripping Recipe

Do not you have a hari, a coffee pot and a cup of fresh coffee? It is a dream of all of you to drink with deliciously pouring your cup of cabbage that is slowly dripping and dripping. A special coffee recipe for those who are delightful.

During the day you decided to pamper yourself. You want to make yourself a nice cup of coffee and enjoy your tiredness and savor it. Here you will stay alone with the moments you will feel special thanks to the drip coffee method.

How many people: 2
Preparation time: 3 minutes
Cooking time: 8 minutes


30 gr coffee in cores
500 ml of water
1 paper filter
1 hario
1 coffee pot
Kitchen scales
Coffee grinder

If you want to make your cheesy tastier, do not put the boiling water on the cabbage. Boiling water will burn brown and the taste will suffer very much. The ideal temperature for the corpse is the consistency of the bubbles coming out of the boiling water to the end and to feel a slight smell.

How to Make:

1) Measure with a chewy kitchen scoop and pull the cabbage medium thickness with a grinder. On one side, heat your 500 ml water.

2) Position your filter on the hario and your haricot on the coffee pot.

3) If you have a coffee pot, you should be on the scale. Separate a small amount of water from your boiled water. Soak your filter with this water. You can throw the water that is poured into the coffee pot without using it.

4) You can now put any remaining cabbage into the cleaned filter.

5) Pour 60 g of water over the cup for 45 seconds in a circular motion.

6) With this movement given to the flowering of the corn, the name of the corn will reveal its own flavor.

7) After this process, put the remaining water into the hario and wait for it to finish.

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