Macchiato Coffee | Prepared with Espresso and Creamed Milk

A variety of mildly flavored coffees have emerged, resulting in the softening of the aroma of the broth which is felt intensely in milk at different ratios with milk. Like others, Macchiato is prepared with creamed milk. It is rather preferred by those who do not want to consume espressoy milk and do not want to completely reduce the aroma of coffee with milk usage. Prepared for the standard espresso cup, Macchiato is named Macchiato, which means stained in Italian because it forms a creamy cigarette lacquer like shape added on top.

For the construction of Macchiato, it is first necessary to cream some of the spices. Macchiato can be prepared with both hot and cold milk. If hot milk is to be used for construction, milk is taken into a milk container made of metal called pitcher and foamed until it is turned into cream with pressure steamer. If cold milk is to be used, however, manual milk frothers, beater foamers or a simple french press can be used. After foaming milk, espresso must be prepared. A scale of finely ground and dark roasted brine is taken to an espresso fin and about 10 ml. Macchiato is prepared by adding cold or warm milk.

Basically Macchiato is prepared in two forms by putting cold or hot milk on espresso. If coffee is added hot milk on espresso, Macchiato caldo is added, while if cold milk is added it is called Macchiato freddo. The coffee type, which is filled with a large glass of creamy hot milk next to these two kinds of condiments and prepared by adding a part of espresso, is called latte Macchiato. The reason why it is known as Macchiato, which is more like a caffe latté, is the stain in the middle of the cream due to the espresso spilled on it.

In addition to Macchiato, all types of desserts prepared using cocoa and chocolate can be preferred. Especially cheesecake, cocoa cake, apple and chocolate pie and tiramisu are some of the flavors that can be enjoyed next to Macchiato.

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