Latte Coffee | Made with Espresso, Milk and Milk Foaming

Latte means milk in Italian. It is a delicious coffee type which is made with espresso, milk and milk foaming. It firstly appeared at the end of 17th century in Europe. But current state of Latte has begun to be consumed commercially in Scandinavia and America towards the end of the 20th century.

Latte is often drunk by Italians in the morning times. In its basic version, milk is not foamy. That’s why it is just called milk coffee. Latte is made with classic coffee pots. Nowadays, latte is prepared by foaming with the machine in standard form. It contains 20% coffee, 10% hot milk and 70% evaporated cold milk. Syrups, such as sour cherry, caramel or chocolate may be added according to preference.

In Latte it is obtained with a mixture of espresso and milk such as mocha and cappuccino. However, during the preparation process, the heating technique distinguishes it from other coffee varieties. The milk in it is pumped with steam and heated. When it reaches 71 degrees, it is hit on the bottom of the coffee cabin several times. This movement is crucial to ensure the perfect balance of the coffee. In this way, the milk is served without leaving its milk foam. The espresso should not be left for more than one minute during the flowering to the creamy consistency. The latte should be served with long and thin latte glasses and the sugar content should be left to the beverage person.

It is called Caffe Latte in some English spoken countries. It is also called as cafe au lait in French, cafe con leche in Spanish and Galao in Portuguese. Latte is mixed with tea in Asian and American continents.

Variety of flavors may be added into the cream of Latte. The most of them are bitter almond, caramel, vanilla, banana, nuts, chocolate, white chocolate and Irish cream. In the United States, the ingredients in the formula are left as unchanged and a cold drinkable version is made by adding cold milk and ice on hot espresso. This is called iced latte. These varieties have also contributed to the popular art form called latte art with the patterns drawn on the top of Lattes coffees.

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