How to Make The Best Espresso Coffee?

Espresso construction seems difficult and confusing for most people, but it is actually based on two basic features. Specialization in the field and a good machine.

Imagine you have a quality espresso machine under your hand. The only thing you need is a nice coffee recipe and fine quality coffee.

How the shots of the chalice are made will affect the quality of the espresso to a great extent. If the coffee is finely ground finely, the espresso will be slower from the machine to the cup. But if you use a thick core, your coffee will spring out of your machine and you will get a juicy mixture. Unlike these, if you use a very thin coffee, then the taste of coffee will be very painful.

Another thing you will notice when preparing espresso is the use of the machine. If your machine is low press, it will be a good result to use a thinly sliced ​​mixture. If you are using a high-pressure machine, it is important for the flavor of the cabbage to be in powdery consistency.

Another step in preparing the espresso is filling the filter chamber. It must be swollen when it comes in contact with water. This requires a fairly large gap in the chamber. If you leave a bigger gap than it should be, the cup will fumble through the machine because it can not filter in the desired shape and homogeneity.

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