How to Make The Best Coffee With Moka Pot

It’s an Italian coffee maker. You can espresso with Moka Pot. You can even turn your espresso into americano by adding hot water inside. Besides these, it is possible that you do not even brew tea with moka pot.

Moka pot. So it’s the Italians’ pot. Alfonso was invented by Luigi De Ponti for the brand of Bialetti. It was so admired that it spread all over the Mediterranean after Italy.

The working system is actually very simple. At the bottom there is a section of water. In this section you are putting ground coffee and there is a piece that serves as a filter. The section at the top of the appliance is the bottom section where the boiling water and the cabbage go up. In this way, the water boiling on the bottom side is mixed with the middle chamber of the bowl and filtered out. This way it fills the upper chamber. It looks a little complicated, but it’s actually a very easy system.

Moka Pot’a is called Moka express in Italy. In addition to the models used in January, there is also an electric model. 60, 200, 300, 550 and 775 ml models are available. But we recommend a 60 or 200 ml model for the house.

How many people: 2
Preparation time: 3 minutes
Cooking time: 3 minutes


1 cup water
30 gr. Fresh coffee ground
60 ml moka pot appliance
2 espresso glasses

To make a smooth and healthy coffee, tell the shop where you bought the coffee that you will make this coffee with moko post, and make sure that the coffee is milled accordingly.

To avoid burning the boiler with boiling water, you have to pick it up at the time you saw boiling. So you can save a cup of coffee from a bitter taste.

How to Make:

1) First heat a glass of water to the boiling point.

2) Divide the moka pot into 3 divisions: bottom, top and filter.

3) Fill the water near the boiling level to the lower part of the moka pot until it is past the steamer on it.

4) 30 g of filter cake of Moka pot. Put some coffee. Straighten over the cup by straightening it with your hand.

5) Place the filter in the bottom of the moka pot. Combine the upper and lower parts of the appliance with the help of a thick towel.

6) Place the moka pot on a cooker and wait for it to boil. If you see the water starting to boil within 2 or 3 minutes, take the tool from the heater.

7) Chalice, preheated with boiling water and put in espresso cups and serve. Bon Appetit.

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