Coffee Cappuccino | Milk, Cream and Espresso Are Used To Make

Cappuccino, which is preferred by lovers of soft coffee with more intense foam and soft drink, has been discovered by Italians like other coffee varieties and has become a world coffee culture. It is said that the name of Cappucino, which became one of the most important parts of this cult, originated from the French priests named cappuccin by the Italians.

According to this claim, the color that emerges from the union of milk and cabbage is very similar to the clothes of these priests called cappuccin. In this respect the name of this cabin remained Cappucino.

Milk, milk cream and espresso are used to prepare cappuccino. But Mocha, Latte and other coffee containing espresso compared to the proportion of coffee components in Cappucin is much more important. In order to prepare a cappuccino in its ideal consistency, milk, milk cream and espresso should be used in equal measure. In the production of cappuccino, first of all with a cup of juice, a scale of espresso and creamed hot milk is added.

Cappucino is made ready for drinking by putting a piece of milk foam on this mixture with the help of a spoon. If there is more milk than usual in the production of cappuccino, the drink obtained is called wet Cappucino or Cappucino chiaro. If this is not the case, if less milk is used, the drink is called dry Cappucino or Cappucino scuro.

In order to prepare a quality Cappuccino, the amount of coffee components must be carefully considered. For this, the amounts of all components in Cappucino are standard 30 ml. Is a must. To prepare a delicious cappuccino, a high quality cappuccino can be prepared by using oily milk and heating the cube to a high temperature with a hot steam foaming bar to foam milk and milk foam as desired.

Gypsum chocolate, chocolate sauce, chocolate powder, cinnamon or cocoa can be added on top of the prepared foamy mixture and it can be served in this way. Thus, both Cappuccino presentation and visual flavor are mixed with different flavors of coffee.

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